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We make American style hop-forward beers in keg and bottle. And we love it. Here's what we've been up to...

sesh bottle

Bottle Conditioning

  • April 8th 2016

Wassup guys,

Session IPA bottles are finally here! Beer is tasting niiiice. And we are loving the labels with dual colour scheme and costellation pattern.

On a more general note we have decided to switch the processing of our West Coast Pale and South Pacific Pale from filtered to bottle conditioned. This is now the standard across all our beers with the exception of the Pils where we feel the crisp effect of filtering …

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Second birthday party

  • December 19th 2015

We recently turned 2 years old! Cue, excuse to throw a party.

Too much of life is spent focusing on plans for the future. Or on the other hand worrying about stuff that happened in the past. In reality, the only time that ever exists is the present. At ShinDigger we believe it is important to appreciate the present. Kinda explains our slogan ‘Enjoy the Moment’. Anyway this ethos means we like to celebrate …

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New beer launch: Weiss

  • November 11th 2015

An exploration into the world of yeast.

Brewing a Weiss was an exciting challenge for us. All our other beers are highly focused on the hops, with some also dabbling in the malts such as the Black IPA and Red. The Weiss is our first core beer where the key focus is on the yeast.

For this beer, we stripped back the hops and gave it a clean malt profile. This was all …

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Our Beer

Our Story


ShinDigger was born whilst Paul and I (George) were living together at Manchester University.  We jointly invested our spare cash into a home-brewing kit. The beers were brewed in the kitchen and fermented in the basement of our student house. We soon began selling our beer at house parties. It was here the first seeds of ShinDigger were planted.

In Autumn 2013, armed with a small loan from the government we started delivering kegs to bars around Manchester out the back of Paul’s banged up hatchback. In our first year we launched 5 beers which have been distributed as far south as London and as far north as Aberdeen. At the moment we are gypsy brewers – brewing at different breweries wherever we can find space.

The name ‘ShinDigger’ embodies our ethos that beer is about having a good time with your friends and enjoying the moment.